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bloom. is at its heart a play about love. A writer is attempting to perform a table reading of their latest epic poem inspired by the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice. During the reading, they find themselves reminded of the person they love, causing the poise and structure of the reading to fall away. As the poem is discarded, a new play emerges and the audience is taken through a tale of love trying to overcome trauma.

Though it was originally performed by a cismale, bloom. is non-gender specific, and can and should be performed by those who identify as any gender, sexuality, or race.

Previous Performances

University of Cape Town, Internal Examination  |  Performed by Khathutselo Ramabulana  |  Dir. Ameera Conrad |  2015

bloom. has never been professionally produced in South Africa or globally.

media & reviews

"a love letter and an elegy to heartbreak."

Cape Times

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