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Meet Lolly, a a real-life doll. She’s everything you’ve ever desired; everything every TV show has ever told you that you deserve. Men; she’s every schoolgirl fantasy you’ve ever had, every late night special. Women; she’s every image you’ve aspired towards, she’s every kinky thought you find yourself blushing at. Everyone in between; we’re sorry, the media hasn’t quite gotten to you yet, but Lolly might. Join Lolly as she guides you through a world of pleasure, providing helpful tips and insight you never knew you needed, through her easy-to-follow YouTube tutorials. Men: watch a professional teach your woman what you need. Women: learn about everything you need to make your man’s (or your friend’s man, or your maths teacher’s) fantasies come to life. Everyone else: we’re certain you’ll find at least some of it to your satisfaction.

Lolly is a 20-minute one act play which focuses on the hyper-sexualisation of young women by older men, co-written by Ameera Conrad and Dara Beth. It is written in English and Afrikaans.

Previous Performances

KKNK Uitkampteater  |  Performed by Ameera Conrad  |  Dir. Dara Beth  |  2018

media & reviews

"This is one of the most powerful 20-minute shows I've seen in a long time."



KKNK Kanna Awards  |  Beste Uitkampteater  |  Nominee  |  2018

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