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"The people demand reparations for the atrocities committed against them for hundreds of years by white settlers in South Africa.”
Land. Economy. Blood.

Reparation is a political dark comedy about the state of a nation. Set in a fictional future South Africa in which a new political party has risen to power on three tenants; Land Reparations without Compensation, Economic Reparations without Compensation, and Blood Reparations without Compensation. Reparation asks how far we are willing to go for what we are owed, and what the costs of that may be.

Previous Performances

Theatre Arts Admin Collective  |  Dir. Ameera Conrad  |  2016


National Arts Festival, South Africa  |  Dir. Kathleen Stephens  |  2017  

media & reviews

"If this sounds dark, it is undeniably so. But it’s also extremely funny"

Daily Maverick

"sense of bitterness, optimism, humour, and a frightening look at just how justice can be played"

Cape Times

Watch an interview

with Ameera Conrad

about the idea


To purchase a copy of Reparation, follow the link below.

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