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Totally over you


Celebrity obsession, instant fame, teenage love – all are explored (and mined for hilarious yet sadly poignant effect) in Mark Ravenhill’s take on life for young people in the social media age. In response to being cruelly ‘chucked’ by their girlfriends when they realise the boys they are dating can’t progress their ambitions of fame, four boys plot and execute a wicked plan of revenge. A rollercoaster of emotions with quick-fire dialogue, Totally Over You challenges audiences to face that most complex of questions: what is love?

Written by award-winning British playwright, Mark Ravenhill.

Design by Laura-Ann Price

Lighting Design by Zia Bergin-Holly

Sound Design & Composition by XANA

Previous Performances

Arts Educational School  |  Dir. Ameera Conrad  |  2020

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